About Black Belt Guide
Martial arts training is not well understood. Everyone thinks being a black belt is cool (actually it is) but the average person doesn’t know what it takes to become one, or more importantly what it is that defines “being a black belt”. Many people already possess some black belt elements and principles, they just don’t realize it or how to utilize them in everyday situation. And most of these principles have nothing to do with physical activity. The goal of Black Belt Guide is to help you understand some of the major characteristics black belts train to achieve and allow you to develop those so as to be used in very simple and effective ways. And along the way, I’ll introduce some new ways of looking at things you probably are not aware of so you can enjoy some of the benefits black belts achieve through training without any of the sweating (or those really painful leg splits).

A Digital Dojo – Teaching On-Line
Black Belt Guide is my way of training and teaching others on-line. Think of this as a “digital dojo”. A place to learn (which is what a dojo is) and evolve yourself via the internet. This blog is not about fighting.  Or doing pushups on your knuckles. Or jumping in the air, while the earth stops spinning and you kick six people in slow motion before you land on your feet (how do they do that?). It is about defining the powerful principles and concepts behind martial arts training. And in doing so demystifying these concepts to be understandable so that you can personally apply them directly to your own life.  Some of the areas that Black Belt Guide covers include:

  • Building willpower
  • Maintaining focus
  • Increasing productivity
  • Developing concentration
  • Successful methods for goal setting

This is really about understanding a topic that is not well understood, yet has tremendous value in everyday living. And like any good teacher I am here to be your guide. Your Black Belt Guide.

About Marc Winitz
As a 4th degree black belt in Japanese karate I have spent the last 25+ years training and studying the martial arts. Along this journey I have had the opportunity to train hundreds of students in both physical techniques and personal development associated with martial arts training. I have also had success in business working and traveling to 30 countries. I grew up in San Diego, CA and currently I reside in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am continuing to seek enlightenment. And a good fish taco.

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